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ball mill parts and functions

5 Must-know Ball Mill Parts And Functions

Ball mill is a kind of grinding equipment for re-pulverizing primary crushed materials. It is widely used in cement, construction, fertilizer, mineral processing, and other industries. Ball mill grinder is used for dry or wet grinding of various ores and other grindable materials. It mainly consists of a cylinder, end cover, lining plate, grinding media, and other parts. Next, we will briefly introduce several main ball mill components and their functions.

ball mill components

Ball Mill Cylinder

The ball mill cylinder is a hollow barrel, which is rolled and welded by several steel plates. The two ends of the cylinder are connected to the ball mill trunnion with end covers. As the main part of the ball mill, it has to bear the weight of the lining plate, grinding media, compartment plate, and grinding materials. This will generate huge torque when running, so the ball mill cylinder needs to have great bending strength and stiffness as well as sufficient thickness. This thickness is about 0.01-0.015 times the cylinder diameter. Under normal circumstances, 1 to 4 doors (related to the length of the ball mill and the number of chambers) should be opened on the cylinder, which is used to replace the lining plate and compartment plate, fill the grinding media, and realize in-mill maintenance.

Ball Mill End Cover

Ball mill end covers, also called ball mill heads, are mounted at both ends of the ball mill cylinder and are supported on bearings. They are divided into two types: welding end cover and casting end cover. The welded end cover is to weld the steel plate directly to the cylinder to make it one. This structure is characterized by less material, light parts, simple manufacturing, and guaranteed quality. Another structure is to assemble the end cover and the ball mill trunnion together and connect them with bolts. This structure consumes a lot of materials and requires a large amount of processing.

Ball Mill Lining Plate

Ball mill will throw out the grinding media and materials when rotating. They hit and rub against each other to achieve a grinding effect. During this process, the materials and grinding media will cause serious wear and tear on the inner wall of the cylinder. Ball mill lining plate is a protective layer covering the inner wall of the ball mill cylinder to protect the inner wall from direct impact. It is usually made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, such as high-chromium alloy steel, rubber, or polyurethane. If the lining plate surface is made into different shapes, then the lining plate will have an additional function, which is to help lift the grinding media to improve the grinding effect and grinding efficiency of the ball mill.

Ball Mill Grinding Media

The objects used to grind materials in a ball mill are called grinding media, usually steel balls or other metal balls. The size and material selection of grinding media can be determined based on the hardness of the grinding material and grinding requirements. The grinding effect and grinding fineness of the ball mill mainly depend on the size, quantity, and grinding time of the grinding media. Smaller grinding media and longer grinding times produce finer powders. In addition, the ball mill can also control the grinding fineness by adjusting the ratio of grinding media and materials, as well as adjusting parameters such as the rotation speed and inclination of the ball mill.

Ball Mill Girth Gear

As a gearwheel installed on the end cover of the ball mill, the ball mill girth gear can generally be divided into three types: full girth gear, half girth gear, and quarter girth gear. It meshes with the pinion and drives the entire ball mill cylinder to rotate for a long time through the transmission shaft, which withstands large torque and axial force. Therefore, we have higher quality requirements for the girth gear castings.

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