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2 Hot-sale Industrial Ball Mills You Should Know

Ball mill is not only an indispensable grinding machine in the beneficiation process but also the ideal equipment for processing other types of raw materials. At present, there are a lot of ball mill manufacturers in the market, and the ball mill grinders generally feature wide varieties and multifunctional. When purchasing, the enterprise should comprehensively consider the production environment, energy consumption, raw material properties, production capacity, and other factors, then select the most suitable one. While, here comes the question: do you know how many types of ball mills there are?

Industrial ball mill is a collective name of some ball grinding mills with common characteristics. It has the features of high automation and large capacity, widely used in the industrial production of large and medium-sized enterprises such as cement plants, power plants, etc. Under the industrial ball mill, there are several ball mill types, which are further divided according to different conditions.

According to the grinding media: there are rod mills and ordinary ball mills;

According to the discharging method: there are overflow ball mill and grate ball mill;

According to the cylinder shape: there are attritor ball mill and conical ball mill;

Among these ball mill machines, the overflow ball mill and grate ball mill are two industrial ball mills that we should know. They are widely welcomed by customers. Next, we will introduce them one by one.

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Grate Ball Mill

Grate Discharge Ball Mill

Grate discharge ball mill is a traditional ball mill with forced discharge method by grate lining plate. The grate plate is installed at the ball mill discharging end. Materials with qualified size enter the fan-shaped chamber (composed of ribs and dustpan-shaped liner) through the small holes on the grate lining plate and then rise to the outlet port with the rotation of the cylinder. The grate ball mill is suitable for the wet grinding of various ores and other grindable materials. It is widely used in mineral processing, construction, chemical industry, and other fields.

ModelDimension(m)Volume(m³)Ball Load(t)Rotation Speed(r/min)Power(kw)Discharge Size(mm)Capacity (t/h)Weight(t)
GMQG1535φ 1.5×3.54.61127.675-900.074-0.83.4-1416.3
GMQG1830φ 1.8×3.06.51325.31320.074-0.84.8-2128.2
GMQG1835φ 1.8×3.57.581625.31600.074-0.85.8-2530.8
GMQG1840φ 1.8×4.08.6517.325.31850.074-0.86.6-2833.4
GMQG1845φ 1.8×4.59.7519.525.32100.074-0.87.2-3136.2
GMQG2122φ 2.1×2.26.714.723.81600.074-0.85.3-2443.2
GMQG2130φ 2.1×3.09.21723.81850.074-0.86.0-2646.8
GMQG2136φ 2.1×3.6111923.82100.074-0.86.5-2949.1
GMQG2140φ 2.1×
GMQG2145φ 2.1×4.513.82223.82500.074-0.88.1-3651.8
GMQG2424φ 2.4×2.49.82022.82200.074-0.86.6-3254.8
GMQG2430φ 2.4×3.012.22522.82500.074-0.87.5-3857.8
GMQG2436φ 2.4×3.614.63022.82800.074-0.88.5-4260.8
GMQG2440φ 2.4×4.016.23322.83550.074-0.89.5-4763.8
GMQG2445φ 2.4×4.518.23722.84000.074-0.810.5-5566.3
GMQG2721φ 2.7×2.110.72421.72800.074-3.08.5-8466.4
GMQG2727φ 2.7×2.713.82921.73150.074-3.09.0-10571.7
GMQG2730φ 2.7×3.015.332.521.73550.074-3.010-12077.3
GMQG2736φ 2.7×3.618.43921.74000.074-3.012-14582.4
GMQG2740φ 2.7×4.020.54321.74500.074-3.013-15984.73
GMQG2745φ 2.7×4.5235021.75000.074-3.015-18089.1
GMQG3230φ 3.2×3.022.6546.918.65000.074-3.016-182139
GMQG3236φ 3.2×3.626.25218.65600.074-3.019-190143
GMQG3240φ 3.2×4.029.25718.66300.074-3.022-210147
GMQG3245φ 3.2×4.532.86518.6710-8000.074-3.029-235151
GMQG3254φ 3.2×5.439.281.618,6800-10000.074-3.035-280161
GMQG3640φ 3.6×4.035.67517.38000.074-3.025-230185
GMQG3645φ 3.6×4.540.88817.310000.074-3.029-259190
GMQG3650φ 3.6×5.045.39617.311200.074-3.035-288200
GMQG3660φ 3.6×6.054.411717.31250-15000.074-3.038-310220
GMQG3685φ 3.6×8.57914417.318000.074-3.050-450260
Grate Discharge Ball Mill Specification

Grate Discharge Ball Mill Advantages

Large capacity: the grate discharge ball mill can handle most kinds of materials and realize 24-hour continuous production. It has a short grinding time and large capacity, which meet the production needs of complete production lines.

Mature technology: the development time of the grate ball mill is long. After continuous technical optimization, it has a mature production process and is available in different production environments.

Excellent performance: the grinding ratio of the grate ball mill is large. After pulverizing, the material particle size can reach 300 meshes. In addition, it has low power consumption and high efficiency in operation.

Grate Discharge Ball Mill Disadvantages

High requirements for foundation: grate ball mills have a big weight. If the foundation is not stable and sturdy enough, the equipment body will sink during operation.
High price: the configuration of the grate ball mill is high so the price is more expensive than other ball mills.

Complex maintenance: the structure of the grate ball mill is complex and the grate plate is easily blocked, therefore the equipment maintenance is time-consuming.

Generally speaking, the grate discharge ball mill is a beneficiation machine with high configuration and low energy consumption. Its environmental performance is better, but the price is slightly higher than other equipment.

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Overflow Ball Mill

Overflow Ball Mill

Overflow ball mill is a kind of wet grinding ball mill with a non-forced discharge method. It is more suitable for the material refine grinding and the second stage grinding. During the operation, when the material slurry is higher than the lower edge of the hollow shaft at the discharging end, it will overflow from the outlet port. The overflow ball mill has a small investment, but a wide range of applications, such as ceramic industry, cement industry, fertilizer industry, etc.

ModelDimension(m)Volume(m³)Ball Load(t)Rotation Speed(r/min)Power(kw)Discharge Size(mm)Capacity (t/h)Weight(t)
GMQY1535φ 1.5×3.54.61027.675-900.074-0.83.0-13.216
GMQY1830φ 1.8×3.06.51225.3110-1320.074-0.84.5-2027.8
GMQY1835φ 1.8×3.57.581525.3132-1600.074-0.85.0-2329.7
GMQY1840φ 1.8×4.08.651625.3160-1850.074-0.86.0-2532.6
GMQY1845φ 1.8×4.59.751825.3185-2100.074-0.86.8-2835.5
GMQY2122φ 2.1×2.26.714.723.81600.074-0.85.0-2242.9
GMQY2130φ 2.1×3.09.21723.81850.074-0.85.8-2546.5
GMQY2136φ 2.1×3.6111923.82100.074-0.86.0-2848
GMQY2140φ 2.1×
GMQY2145φ 2.1×4.513.82223.82500.074-0.88.0-3451.3
GMQY2424φ 2.4×2.49.818.822.82100.074-0.86.2-3054
GMQY2430φ 2.4×3.012.22322.82500.074-0.86.6-3457
GMQY2436φ 2.4×3.614.62522.82800.074-0.87.9-40.559.68
GMQY2440φ 2.4×4.016.22822.83150.074-0.88.7-4562.9
GMQY2445φ 2.4×4.518.23122.83550.074-0.89.8-5065.5
GMQY2721φ 2.7×2.110.72021.72800.074-3.06.0-7663.5
GMQY2727φ 2.7×2.713.825.521.73150.074-3.07.8-9866.7
GMQY2730φ 2.7×3.015.32821.73550.074-3.08.8-10875.6
GMQY2736φ 2.7×3.618.43421.7355-4000.074-3.010.5-13081.8
GMQY2740φ 2.7×4.020.53721.7400-4500.074-3.011.5-14483.58
GMQY2745φ 2.7×4.52342.521.75000.074-3.013-18087.6
GMQY3231φ 3.2×3.122.6522.6518.64500.074-3.014.4-164127
GMQY3236φ 3.2×3.626.226.218.65000.074-3.017.1-171131
GMQY3240φ 3.2×
GMQY3245φ 3.2×4.532.86118.66300.074-3.022-228139
GMQY3254φ 3.2×5.439.27318,67100.074-3.026-270148.7
GMQY3640φ 3.6×4.035.66717.37100.074-3.020-210165
GMQY3645φ 3.6×4.540.87617.3800-10000.074-3.026-233170
GMQY3650φ 3.6×5.045.38617.311200.074-3.031.5-260180
GMQY3660φ 3.6×6.054.410217.312500.074-3.034-280200
GMQY3685φ 3.6×8.57913117.315000.074-3.045-400240
Overflow Ball Mill Specification

Overflow Ball Mill Advantages

Small maintenance: overflow ball mills have the feature of simple structure, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.

Fine grinding size: the grinding time of the overflow ball mill is long so the product particle size is fine and uniform (usually less than 0.2mm).

Fair price: the overflow ball mill is a good choice for material pulverizing because of its moderate price and high-cost performance.

Overflow Ball Mill Disadvantages

Over-grinding phenomenon: the overflow ball mill can realize material discharging only when the material slurry reaches a certain height. It will cause a serious over-grinding phenomenon.
Small capacity: the grinding speed of the overflow ball mill is slow so the production capacity is relatively weak.

In a word, an overflow ball mill is a pulverizing machine with convenient maintenance and fine grinding size. It has a competitive price but the grinding efficiency is lower than other ball mills.

The above is a brief introduction of two industrial ball mills: grate ball mill and overflow ball mill. If you want to know more about the equipment or directly get a quotation, you can send us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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