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Weight: >1 ton
Material: cast steel ZG230-450
Certificate: ISO, SGS
Application: ball mill, SAG mill, AG mill, etc.
Customization Service: according to clients’ drawings. The color, dimension, and weight are all customizable.

What is a ball mill trunnion? The ball mill trunnion, also called the ball mill hollow shaft, is an important part that carries the rotation of the ball mill cylinder. It mainly plays the role of supporting and connecting the cylinder and is the inlet and outlet channel for the grinding material. With it, the ball mill is available with steady rotation.

AGICO has manufactured ball mills and ball mill spare parts for over 30 years. Our ball mill trunnion adopts high-strength cast steel as raw material and unique heat-treatment technology to improve the hardness and impact resistance, which greatly guarantees the stability of the trunnion under long-time operation.

AGICO can produce various types and sizes of ball mill trunnions according to PDF or CAD drawings provided by customers. No matter who the manufacturer of your equipment is, we can customize the state-of-the-art trunnion to your satisfaction.

Customizable Color
Customizable Diameter
Customizable Weight
Customizable Style


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agico ball mill hollow shaft
AGICO Ball Mill Trunnion
ball mill hollow shaft for sale
AGICO Ball Mill Trunnion
ball mill trunnion for sale
AGICO Ball Mill Trunnion
ball mill trunnions agico
AGICO Ball Mill Trunnion
Standard Specifications For Cast Steel ZG230-450
CountryUnited KingdomUSAGermanyJapanInternational
StandardBS3146-1AISI/SAEDIN 1681JIS-G5101ISO3755
GradeCLA1Gr.BUNS J03003GS-52SC410230-450
TechnologyCasting MethodFlaw Detection LevelFlaw Detection EquipmentBall Mill LengthRaw Material
castingsodium silicate sand casting2UT/MT/PT5-13 mcast steel


AGICO strictly follows the process of simulation—wooden mold—sand mold—smelting—material property testing—pouring—cleaning—heat treatment—rough machining—finish machining—nondestructive testing—packing to manufacture high-quality ball mill trunnion.

Step 1:

Simulation & Molding

Before casting the trunnion, we usually use CAE software to digitally simulate the casting process for analyzing and predicting the casting quality. AGICO adopts the pit molding method, which is not affected by seasonal changes and has high production efficiency.

Step 2:

Smelting & Pouring

Put the qualified raw materials into the electric arc furnace for smelting in proportion. The molten iron is sampled and then subjected to spectral analysis. After qualification, the pouring is carried out according to the principle of low temperature and fast speed. The pouring time and pouring temperature should be recorded.

Step 3:

Machining & Nondestructive Test

AGICO has a professional team and uses large-scale shot blasting equipment to effectively improve the appearance quality of the ball mill trunnion and make its surface finish meet customer requirements. We use flaw detection equipment to perform non-destructive testing on each trunnion to ensure the internal quality and avoid any defective products from leaving the factory.


AGICO adopts advanced molding technology, which controls the overall size well and prevents the occurrence of hot cracks in steel castings.
AGICO adopts unique heat treatment technology to increase the hardness of the ball mill trunnion by 30% and the impact resistance is enhanced as well.
AGICO ball mill hollow shafts are made of high-strength steel. We have optimized the structure of the hollow shaft to ensure its stability under long-term operation and prolong its service life by 50%.
We use complete quality inspection methods: chemical composition, mechanical property, dimensional check, ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT), penetrant test (PT), and X-ray inspection.  


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All-round Service
We provide technical consulting, product design, product manufacturing, installation guidance, product and accessories maintenance, non-standard customization, and other services.
Strong Manufacturing Capacity
AGICO has CNC vertical lathes, CNC gear-shaping machines, machining centers, and other professional processing equipment. We can realize batch customization of various steel castings.
Perfect After-sales Service
We have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that customers’ problems can be solved in a timely manner, meanwhile providing customers with continuous technical support.
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