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Weight: ≥ 1 ton
Material: ZG230-450
Certificate: ISO, SGS
Application: ball mill, SAG mill, coal mill, etc.
Customization Service: according to clients’ drawings. The color, dimension, and weight are all customizable.

What is a ball mill head? The ball mill head is also known as the ball mill end cover. It is located at both ends of the ball mill cylinder and supported on the bearing. Its structure is relatively complex, the manufacturing cycle is long, and the required processing and assembly precision are high.

Ball mill end covers are all slightly conical, and most of them are made of cast steel. In order to ensure the concentricity of the end cover axis and the cylinder axis, it is generally cast into one body with the trunnion. Certainly, casting separately is also feasible. We just need to fasten them together through special processing.

Based on different installation positions, the ball mill end cover can be divided into feeding end cover and discharging end cover. Based on different casting methods, the ball mill end cover can also be divided into integral end cover and split end cover.

AGICO is an experienced ball mill and ball mill spare part manufacturer. We have a strong production capability to manufacture ball mill accessories according to the PDF or CAD drawings provided by customers. No matter what type of ball mill head you need, we can satisfy you.

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No matter which manufacturer your equipment is purchased from and what dimension you need, we will customize the state-of-the-art ball mill head to your satisfaction.

Customizable Color
Customizable Diameter
Customizable Weight
Customizable Style


split ball mill end cover
Split Type Ball Mill Head
integral ball mill end cover
Integral Type Ball Mill Head
ball mill end cover for sale agico
Ball Mill Head
agico ball mill heads for sale
Ball Mill Head


AGICO strictly follows the process of simulation—wooden mold—sand mold—pouring—cleaning—heat treatment—rough machining—finish machining—nondestructive testing—packing to manufacture high-quality ball mill heads.

ball mill head manufacturing


AGICO ball mill head adopts a special heat treatment technology, which improves the service life and anti-deformation ability.
AGICO engineers optimized the technological structure of the ball mill trunnion and end cover according to the ball mill operating characteristics, ensuring their stability under long-term operation.
AGICO end cover can be adjusted to a certain extent according to the specific ball mill grinder so that there is no gap between the end cover and the equipment parts, effectively preventing the problem of material leakage.
Our ball mill head is made of high-quality carbon steel and silicon-manganese steel. Before production and smelting, we will use a spectrometer to conduct two strict chemical composition tests to ensure product quality.


When replacing, the feeding end cover should be lifted first, and then lift the discharging end cover. After that, we should insert the end covers into the middle of the cylinder and the concrete foundation from the side with the help of a hand-drive block.
Insert multiple pieces (generally 4 pieces) of thin gaskets with equal thickness symmetrically into the gap between the end cover and the cylinder seam allowance, and then divide them into 12 equal parts along the circumference.
Use a feeler gauge to measure the gap of the seam allowance and then make precise adjustments. If the gap is even, the 8 bolts installed in the circumferential direction can be tightened in advance.
After the concentricity is adjusted, tighten all connecting bolts, and the tightening torque is about 3000N-m. Use a 0.02 mm feeler gauge to check the gap between the flanges.


AGICO offers one-stop services for customers. Through one-to-one technical consultation, we will manufacture products that satisfy customers according to their needs.

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