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Ball mill is an important grinding machine widely used in mineral dressing plants, cement plants, thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, and other fields. It mainly uses the grinding media inside the grinding chamber to refine raw materials and reduce their particle size.

There are three ways for grinding media to pulverize materials:

1. Rolling: the grinding media rolls in the grinding chamber and pulverizes the material by self-weight.

2. Impact: with the rotation of the ball mill cylinder, grinding media falls from the high place in the grinding chamber and strikes the material.

3. Sliding: some grinding media that adhered to the raw material are hard to roll. They can only grind raw materials by sliding against the lining plate.

Similar to the ball mill liner, grinding media is not only the main ball mill part but also the most easily worn consumption part. Based on various grinding requirements, different types of ball mill grinding media are needed in the market.


Grinding media are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to meet a wide range of grinding needs. In ball mill grinders, grinding balls, grinding cylpebs, and grinding rods are the most commonly used grinding media.

Grinding Balls For Ball Mill

According to material, grinding balls can be divided into metallic grinding balls and non-metallic grinding balls.

Metallic grinding ball: steel grinding ball.

Steel grinding ball is a kind of spherical ferroalloy grinding media with carbon, chromium, manganese, and molybdenum as the main metal additives. It has the characteristics of superb hardness and excellent wear resistance, is mainly used for large-sized industrial ball mills, and is widely applied in the mining industry, cement industry, power generation industry, etc. According to different manufacturing methods, the steel grinding ball can be subdivided into cast steel balls and forged steel balls.

Cast steel ball: cast steel ball is manufactured by heating scrap steel, scrap iron, or pig iron together with an appropriate amount of precious metal alloy to above 1550 ℃. After fully melted, they will be poured into the steel ball mold for shape forming.

The surface of the cast steel ball has a sprue gate. Its breakage rate is 3% and the carbon content is between 1.8% and 3.2%. According to different chromium contents, the cast steel ball can be classified into:

  • High-chromium steel ball: chromium content ≥10%, HRC≥58%, ak≥3J/cm2
  • Medium-chromium steel ball: chromium content:3%-7%, HRC≥47%, ak≥2J/cm2
  • Low-chromium steel ball: chromium content: 0.5%-2.5%, HRC≥45%, ak≥1.5J/cm2

Forged steel ball: forged steel ball is manufactured by heating high-quality round bar steel to a certain temperature and forging it into a ball shape. The chromium content of forged steel ball is between 0.1% ~ 0.5%, the carbon content is less than 1.0%, and the breakage rate is 1%. Its surface is smooth without a sprue gate and is not easy to deform.

Non-metallic grinding ball: ceramic grinding ball, alumina grinding ball, etc.

Non-metallic grinding ball refers to spherical grinding media made of non-metallic materials (SiO2, SiC) and organic polymer materials (CF). It is occasionally used in small ball mills, suitable for grinding non-sand-particle materials, relatively low hardness materials, and materials with special requirements for grinding media composition (free of contamination). It is widely used in the food industry, chemical industry, etc.

grinding media

Grinding Cylpebs For Ball Mill

Grinding cylpebs is a type of grinding media with a short cylindrical or truncated conical shape. Just like the grinding ball, it can also be divided into the metallic type and non-metallic type. In large-sized industrial ball mills, we mostly adopt metallic grinding cylpbebs which include cast steel cylpebs and forged steel cylpebs.

Grinding Rods For Ball Mill

The grinding rod is a cylindrical grinding media with a certain length (50-100 mm shorter than the grinding chamber). It is usually made of high-quality steel, which has excellent wear resistance and toughness. Manufacturers mostly use steel grinding rods in rod mills for material pulverizing. As a grinding media, the steel grinding rod is suitable for mineral processing industries.


cast balls

Cast Steel Ball

Size: Φ17-130mm
HRC: ≥58
Relative cost: low to moderate
Suitable for: dry grinding
Application: cement plant, thermal power plant, chemical plant, etc.
Features: through hardened, excellent wear resistance, breakage rate<3%.
ModelGrade(HRC) Hardness Endurance Impact Test(times)
 High-chromium Cast Steel Ball Cr20  ≥58  ≥8000 
  High-chromium Cast Steel Ball Cr15  ≥58  ≥8000 
 High-chromium Cast Steel Ball Cr13  ≥58  ≥8000 
  Middle-chromium Cast Steel Ball Cr7  —–  ≥8000 
 Low-chromium Cast Steel Ball Cr2  —–  ≥8000 
Items  Size(mm)
Tolerance +1.0-1.0+2.0-1.0+3.0-10+3.5-1.5
Difference Between Max Dia & Mini Dia ≤ 1.0  ≤ 2.0 ≤ 3.0 ≤ 4.0
ItemChemical Composition(%)
High-chromium Cast Steel BallZQCr122.0-3.00.3-1.20.2-1.011-13≤0.10≤0.100-1.00-1.00-1.5
Middle-chromium Cast Steel BallZQCr72.0-3.20.3-1.50.2-1.06.0-10≤0.10≤0.080-1.00-0.80-1.5
Low-chromium Cast Steel BallZQCr22.0-3.60.3-1.50.2-1.01.0-3.0≤0.10≤0.080-1.00-0.8
forged balls

Forged Steel Ball

Size: Φ20-150mm
Relative cost: very low
Suitable for: dry & wet grinding, medium, and large-sized ball mills
HRC: >60
Application: mineral processing plant, cement plant, oil processing plant, etc.
Relative cost: very low
Features: breakage rate<1%, high grinding efficiency, non-deformation, smooth surface.
Size(mm)Diameter Tolerance(mm)  Single Ball Weight(g)(HRC) Hardness Impact Toughness (J/cm2 )
Φ20 +2-132 >60  ≥12
Φ60 +3-2888
Φ110 +4-25457
Φ1207102 >58 
Φ140 +4-311278 >55
steel cylpebs

Forged Steel Cylpebs

Size: 20×30-60x70mm
HRC: ≥58
Raw material: high-quality steel
Relative cost: low
Suitable for: fine grinding in small and medium-sized ball mills
Features: uniform hardness, cost effective, breakage rate<1%, strong corrosion resistance.
Dia. Tolerance(mm) ±1
Length Tolerance(mm) ±2
GradeBreakage RateHardness(HRC)Impact Value(J/cm²)Drop TimesMetallographic Structure
45#<1%≥ 45≥ 12≥ 8000M+C
60Mn<1%≥ 55≥ 12≥ 12000M+C
65Mn<1%≥ 58≥ 12≥ 12000M+C
grinding rod

Steel Grinding Rod

Size: Φ50-150mm L2000-6000mm
HRC: 45-55
Raw material: heat-treated steel
Relative cost: low
Suitable for: rod mill with different models
Features: excellent straightness, hardness, toughness, and tensile strength, fair price, long service life.
Diameter(mm)Length(mm)Diameter Tolerance(mm)Length Tolerance(mm)
Impact Value(J/cm²)Hardness(HRC)Breakage RateDrop TimesStraightness
5-745-55< 1%≥ 302/1000


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AGICO is a professional industrial ball mill manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. In addition to the ball mill machine, we also offer various types of high-quality ball mill grinding media such as steel grinding balls, steel grinding rods, and steel grinding cylpebs.

High Quality

We have a unique quality inspection system, which can meet the detection needs of products in the pre-production, in-production, and post-production stages. It enables our equipment and accessories to meet GB, YB standards, and export SGS inspection requirements.  

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AGICO has advanced horizontal forging and rotary forging equipment and multi-automatic production lines to ensure high quality and high efficiency manufacturing. The whole production process and product performance indicators can be controlled intelligently.    

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