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Weight: customizable
Material: ZG310-570, ZG35CrMo, etc.
Certificate: ISO, SGS
Application: rotary kiln, dryer, ball mill, etc.
Customization Service: according to clients’ drawings. The color, dimension, and weight are all customizable.

What is ball mill girth gear? The girth gear is an important part of the ball mill and the key to normal operation. It meshes with the pinion and transmits power to the cylinder through the transmission shaft to drive it rotating. The ball mill girth gear bears large torque and axial force, so there are special requirements for its quality and strength, as once there is a problem with the girth gear, the cylinder will not be able to rotate normally, which will affect production efficiency and product quality.

The ball mill girth gear is usually made of high-strength alloy steel, which has high toughness. These materials have good processability and weldability and can meet various requirements during the operation. Some high-end ball mill girth gears adopt surface hardening technology, such as carburizing, nitriding, etc., to improve their surface hardness and wear resistance.

AGICO is an experienced ball mill and ball mill spare part manufacturer. We have a strong production capability to manufacture ball mill accessories according to the PDF or CAD drawings provided by customers. No matter what type of ball mill girth gear you need, we can satisfy you.

AGICO ball mill girth gears usually adopt integral casting or welding structure and have the following characteristics:

The gear teeth are parallel to the axis, and the gear tooth surface is hardened to improve wear resistance and fatigue resistance.
It is lubricated with lubricating oil to reduce the friction coefficient and improve transmission efficiency.

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No matter which manufacturer your equipment is purchased from and what dimension you need, we will customize the state-of-the-art ball mill girth gear to your satisfaction.

Customizable Color
Customizable Diameter
Customizable Weight
Customizable Style


ball mill girth gears
Ball Mill Girth Gear For Sale
ball mill girth gear installation
Ball Mill Girth Gear For Sale
ball mill girth gear onsite
Ball Mill Girth Gear For Sale
girth gear processing
Ball Mill Girth Gear Processing


AGICO uses advanced technology (normalizing + tempering) during the casting process to ensure the quality of the girth gear. The hardness of the product is greatly increased (greater than 190HB), the rim thickness is uniform, the flaw detection can reach the level 3 requirements of GB7233, and the wear resistance and impact resistance are greatly enhanced.
The AGICO girth gear is made of high-quality materials and is designed according to the operating characteristics of ball mills, rotary dryers, and rotary kilns to ensure long-term stable operation and extend its service life.
AGICO has been engaged in large-scale machinery manufacturing for more than 30 years and has strong steel-casting production capabilities. Our equipment and accessories are used by a large number of users around the world. We are a trustworthy supplier.


The ball mill girth gear is connected to the reducer, which converts the rotational motion of the motor into the rotational motion of the ball mill. When the girth gear rotates, it drives the ball mill cylinder to rotate, causing the materials and grinding media in the cylinder to have strong impact, collision, and friction with each other, thereby achieving the purpose of crushing and grinding.


Before replacing the girth gear, we need to stop the ball mill and cut off the power supply to ensure safety during the replacement process.
Use a wrench and other tools to loosen the bolts holding the girth gear, and then remove the old girth gear. Appropriate lifting equipment should be used during disassembly to avoid damaging other parts.
Clean the new girth gear and remove any oil, dust, and other debris on it.
Install the new girth gear onto the ball mill and secure it with fixing bolts. All fixing bolts must be tightened, and the pretightening force should be adjusted as required to ensure normal operation.
Before replacing, it is necessary to check the lubrication condition of the ball mill to ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficient. After replacement, it needs to be lubricated again to ensure the normal operation.


AGICO offers one-stop services for customers. Through one-to-one technical consultation, we will manufacture products that satisfy customers according to their needs.

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