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Are you still worried about finding matching and high-quality ball mill accessories? How to replace them efficiently and safely? How to maintain them?

As a professional ball mill manufacturer and ball mill parts supplier, AGICO is a full-service partner who is here to support you, no matter the brand of your ball mill grinder. We provide all kinds of quality ball mill components, full-range technical support, and attentive after-sales services.


High Product Quality

AGICO ball mill parts are made of high-quality raw materials, such as cast steel, fabricated steel, rubber, etc. In addition, a strict quality supervision system is applied to cover the production process for ensuring the safety and reliability of products.

Full Range Technical Support

No matter in the early consultation stage, medium-term production stage, or later-period transportation and installation, AGICO offers full-range technical support. When customers encounter technical problems, we will try our best to help you.

Free Remote Installation Service

AGICO provides online remote installation services for customers. It is free. Besides, we also supply relevant videos, pictures, and manuals to assist in installation to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

Customization Service

AGICO offers ball mill part customization services for clients. As long as you provide accurate data, photos, or samples, we can manufacture corresponding ball mill parts according to your requirements.


According to different grinding principles, grinding media, raw materials, and appearance, ball mills can be subdivided into multi-types, such as overflow type ball millgreat discharge ball millair swept ball mill, ceramic ball mill, batch ball mill, continuous ball mill, rod mill, attritor ball mill, conical ball mill, semi-autogenous mill, mini ball mill, autogenous mill, vibratory ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, etc.

No matter which of the above ball mills, its efficient and stable operation is inseparable from the support of various ball mill parts, especially some wearing parts. They feature short service life but are crucial in the grinding process, which can directly affect the yield and grinding effect. When purchasing, we should better select high-quality wearing parts and pay attention to their daily maintenance and timely replacement.

ball mill machine structures
ball mill grinder structures

1. ball mill shell     2. ball mill end cover liner     3. feeding port     4. ball mill bearing     5. ball mill end cover     6. frame      7. driving system frame      8. ball mill pinion       9. ball mill reducer      10. ball mill coupler      11. ball mill motor   12. ball mill girth gear     13. ball mill liner   14. ball mill trunnion

Ball Mill Working Principle

Ball mills can be divided into horizontal type and vertical types. No matter what type, it needs grinding media and lining plates to complete the grinding process. Lining plates are installed on the internal surface of the grinding chamber, which can protect the chamber wall from wear in the grinding process and provide reaction force for the grinding media and raw materials to improve the grinding efficiency. The grinding media is dispersed in the grinding chamber. With the rotation of the ball mill cylinder, it is constantly thrown up and then falls, which produces impact and friction on the materials.


AGICO has 20 years of rich experience in the production and export of ball mills. We not only provide customers with high-efficient ball mill machines but also ball mill accessories, especially wearing parts, in the purchase stage and after-sales stage to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the equipment. If you have a ball mill part replacement need, please feel free to contact us! No matter what brand your ball mill is, AGICO will try its best to help you.

ball mill grinding medium

Material: fabricated steel, cast steel, etc.

Type: grinding ball, grinding rod, etc.

lining plate ball mill

Material: rubber, alloy steel, ceramic, etc.

Type: shell liner, end cover liner, etc.

ball mill bearing agico

Material: cast steel ZG35, ZG45, etc.

Type: >1 ton

ball mill trunnions

Material: cast steel

Type: feed trunnion, discharge trunnion

ball mill pinion gear agico

Material: cast steel

Type: pinion gear, pinion assembly

ball mill end cover list

Material: cast steel

Type: feed/discharge end cover

girth gear application

Material: cast steel

Type: girth gear for kiln, dryer, ball mill

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