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grate discharge ball mill for sale


Feeding Size: ≤20-≤25 mm
Discharging Size: 0.074-3.0 mm
Capacity: 2.8-450 t/h
Ball Load: 8-144 t
Material: cement, silicate products, fertilizers, ores, and other materials.

The grate discharge ball mill is also called grate ball mill. It is often used in the first stage of two-stage grinding to dry or wet grind various ores and other grindable materials. Compared with overflow ball mill, grate ball mill is a type of ball mill grinder that can realize forced ore discharging by grid lining plate and fan-shaped chamber. Besides, it has a larger capacity, less over-grinding phenomenon, low operation noise, and high working efficiency.

AGICO ball mill for sale! AGICO is a professional ball mill supplier. The grate discharge ball mills manufactured by us have reasonable structure, wide application, and obvious advantages. In the production process, it features strong productivity and long service life to create high economic benefits for users. It is a type of ball mill grinder which is popular with customers.

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Ball Mill Cylinder: ball mill cylinder is made of rolled steel plate with a manhole on the body.
Main Bearing: the main bearing is fixed on the quill shaft of the end cover through the press ring.
End Cover & Trunnion: the end cover is manufactured by casting and connected with the cylinder by bolts.
Foundation: the main bearing seat, gearbox, and motor are all installed on the ball mill foundation.
Steel Ball: there are many steel balls inside the cylinder, accounting for 40% – 45% of the cylinder and weighing dozens of tons.
Fan-shaped Chamber: the space between the grid plate and discharge end cover is divided into several fan-shaped chambers by eight radial ribs.
Feeding System: the feeding system is composed of an inlet chute fitted with wear-resistant lining and bearing seat and foundation which support the weight of the ball mill.
Grid Plate: the grid plate is vertically installed at the discharge end and has discharge holes above. To prevent the hole from blocking, the shape is generally designed as a trapezoid.

When the grate ball mill rotates slowly through the transmission device, materials enter from the feeding end. The ball mill cylinder is equipped with steel balls and wear-resistant lining plates. The lining plate brings steel balls and materials to a certain height with continuous rotation. When they fall, the mutual impact completes the grinding process. During the grinding, materials move towards the discharge end. The finely ground particles enter the fan-shaped chamber through the discharge hole on the grid plate and then they are lifted to a certain height with the rotation. After that, they get into the quill shaft neck to be discharged from the grate ball mill. Those coarse particles that are cut off by the grid plate are continuously ground inside the cylinder.

grate ball mill structures

When the ball mill rotates uniformly around the horizontal axis, raw materials enter the cylinder through the quill shaft from the feeding device and then rise to a certain height with steel balls under the combined action of centrifugal force and lining plate friction. After a while, they fall along the parabola under the action of self-weight and collide with each other to achieve the grinding purpose. Due to continuous feeding, the pressure causes materials in the cylinder to move from the feeding end to the discharging end. And the quill shaft diameter at the discharge end is slightly larger than that at the feed end so the material slurry in the mill has a certain inclination. When the height of the slurry surface is higher than the discharge port, they will overflow out of the mill. The quill shaft is equipped with reverse spiral blades, which can return the overflow steel balls and coarse material blocks to the ball mill.


Good sealing performance and easy installation.
Fast discharging speed makes less over-grinding phenomenon.
Grate ball mill can load more steel balls no matter big balls or small balls.
The lining plate is made of wear-resistant material, which has a long service life.
High productivity, 20-30% higher than overflow ball mill, and 20-30% power saving.
It features a large grinding ratio and widely adaptable to the physical properties of materials, such as particle size, moisture, hardness, etc.
grate discharge ball mills


ModelDimension(m)Volume(m³)Ball Load(t)Rotation Speed(r/min)Power(kw)Discharge Size(mm)Capacity (t/h)Weight(t)
AG1535φ 1.5×3.54.61127.675-900.074-0.83.4-1416.3
AG1830φ 1.8×3.06.51325.31320.074-0.84.8-2128.2
AG1835φ 1.8×3.57.581625.31600.074-0.85.8-2530.8
AG1840φ 1.8×4.08.6517.325.31850.074-0.86.6-2833.4
AG1845φ 1.8×4.59.7519.525.32100.074-0.87.2-3136.2
AG2122φ 2.1×2.26.714.723.81600.074-0.85.3-2443.2
AG2130φ 2.1×3.09.21723.81850.074-0.86.0-2646.8
AG2136φ 2.1×3.6111923.82100.074-0.86.5-2949.1
AG2140φ 2.1×
AG2145φ 2.1×4.513.82223.82500.074-0.88.1-3651.8
AG2424φ 2.4×2.49.82022.82200.074-0.86.6-3254.8
AG2430φ 2.4×3.012.22522.82500.074-0.87.5-3857.8
AG2436φ 2.4×3.614.63022.82800.074-0.88.5-4260.8
AG2440φ 2.4×4.016.23322.83550.074-0.89.5-4763.8
AG2445φ 2.4×4.518.23722.84000.074-0.810.5-5566.3
AG2721φ 2.7×2.110.72421.72800.074-3.08.5-8466.4
AG2727φ 2.7×2.713.82921.73150.074-3.09.0-10571.7
AG2730φ 2.7×3.015.332.521.73550.074-3.010-12077.3
AG2736φ 2.7×3.618.43921.74000.074-3.012-14582.4
AG2740φ 2.7×4.020.54321.74500.074-3.013-15984.73
AG2745φ 2.7×4.5235021.75000.074-3.015-18089.1
AG3230φ 3.2×3.022.6546.918.65000.074-3.016-182139
AG3236φ 3.2×3.626.25218.65600.074-3.019-190143
AG3240φ 3.2×4.029.25718.66300.074-3.022-210147
AG3245φ 3.2×4.532.86518.6710-8000.074-3.029-235151
AG3254φ 3.2×5.439.281.618,6800-10000.074-3.035-280161
AG3640φ 3.6×4.035.67517.38000.074-3.025-230185
AG3645φ 3.6×4.540.88817.310000.074-3.029-259190
AG3650φ 3.6×5.045.39617.311200.074-3.035-288200
AG3660φ 3.6×6.054.411717.31250-15000.074-3.038-310220
AG3685φ 3.6×8.57914417.318000.074-3.050-450260


The grate discharge ball mill and overflow ball mill have a similar structure and working procedure. However, they are quite different in discharge way, discharge size, etc.

Discharge Way

The material in the grate discharge ball mill is lifted to a position higher than the discharge port through the grid plate and fan-shaped chamber to realize discharging. The overflow ball mill has no grid plate. When the stacking height of the material is higher than the outlet, it will overflow automatically.

Discharge Size

The discharge size of the grate ball mill is usually between 0.2mm to 0.3mm. Therefore, it is often combined with the spiral classifier to form a closed cycle for the first stage of grinding. The discharge size of the overflow ball mill is less than 0.2mm.


Overflow ball mill features a simple structure and easy maintenance. On the contrary, the complex structure of the grate discharge ball mill makes it easy to block the grid plate, which is not conducive to maintenance.


The grate ball mill has high output and low power consumption. While the production capacity of overflow ball mill is relatively low.


The grid plate and the elevator bucket in the fan-shaped chamber make the grate ball mill realize forced discharge so the material stays in the ball mill for a short time to prevent excessive grinding. The overflow ball mill is prone to over-grinding because of its slow discharging speed.
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