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Feeding Size: 0<25 mm
Discharging Size: 0.075-0.6 mm
Capacity: 0.05-15 tons/time
Motor Power: 2.2-75 kw
Material: ceramic sand, aluminum slag, limonite, river sand, fly ash, calcite, iron ore, barite, etc.

The ceramic ball mill is a kind of ball mill grinder that the liner plate is made of wear-resistant ceramics. It has a small capacity, suitable for small batch production, and it can realize a 24-hour continuous work with dry grinding or wet grinding. In terms of structure, the ceramic ball mill machine can be divided into integral type and independent type. It applies to the mixing and grinding operations of a variety of common and special materials.


The grinding fineness can be adjusted freely according to the grinding time.
The lining plate is detachable. Users can change different types of liners according to production needs.
The motor can realize an automatic voltage reducing start to reduce starting current.

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Free Material Testing
Free Customization
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ceramic ball mill processing
Ceramic Ball Mill Grinding Process


The ceramic ball mill is a horizontal cylinder ball mill. It is composed of the feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, transmission gear, motor, and electrical control device), lining plate, grinding medium, and other components. The quill shaft is made of steel casting and the lining plate is detachable.

ceramic ball mill structure
Ceramic Ball Mill Machine

The motor drives the ball mill cylinder to rotate through a reducer. When the cylinder rotates, raw materials and grinding mediums inside are thrown up and then dropped by the action of friction and centrifugal force. In this process, they produce impact force on each other to complete the grinding of materials. After that, the ground material is discharged out of the ball mill through the discharge port and then enters a spiral classifier for screening. The large particles will be sent back to the ball mill for further grinding.


Various Lining Plate Types
Customers can choose different types of lining plates according to raw material gravity, hardness, and other factors.
Small Space Occupation
The length of the ceramic ball mill is short so it occupies a small area. To some extent, it reduces the cost of land investment.
Uniform Particle Size
The grinding fineness of the ceramic ball mill is adjustable. The oversized particles will be screened out and sent back to the grinding chamber.
Energy-saving & High Output
Compared with traditional equipment, the output of the ceramic ball mill is 25% higher, the power consumption is 26% lower, and the grinding medium consumption is also less.
No Abnormal Noise
The ceramic ball mill adopts new technology to reduce the resistance inside the machine, therefore, the ball mill ventilation is smooth and the product particle size distribution is reasonable. There is no abnormal noise and unstable factors during the operation.
Steady Running
The use of modified gear can reduce the sliding speed and sliding ratio of the meshing, thus advancing the wear-resistant and anti-scuffing performance of the gear, enhancing the lubrication state of the gear transmission, and improving the reliability of the ceramic ball mill.
ceramic ball mill on site
Ceramic Ball Mill On Site


ModelCapacity(tons/time)Cylinder Rotation Speed(r/min)Power(kw)Lining Plate Type
600×7000.05502.2ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
800×6000.075423ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
900×12000.238.55.5ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
1300×15000.5337.5ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
1500×18001.228.511ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
1800×20001.52415ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
2600×2800516.537ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
3000×38001014.557.2ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
3200×46001513.575ceramic, silica, rubber, metal
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