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Ball mill is one of the most variable and effective grinding machines which is mainly applied for further grinding the crushed materials. Compared with other grinding mills, the variety of grinding modes, available grinding tool materials, and flexible production capacity make ball mill grinders the perfect match for a vast range of applications, such as cement industry, new building material industry, refractory material industry, fertilizer industry, non-ferrous metal beneficiation, glass manufacturing industry, ceramic production industry, etc. It can grind hard, brittle, fibrous, and other grindable materials in dry method or wet method, effectively improve the utilization rate of the ground material and reduce the waste of resources.


There are many types, models, and specifications of ball mills. Customers can select the right one according to the raw material property, discharge mode, production scale, and other factors.
AGICO can customize various types of ball mills for sale! Besides, we optimize the combination of different ball mill grinders to meet the process requirement.
According to the production scale: small ball mill and large ball mill;
According to the discharge mode: grate discharge ball mill and overflow ball mill;
According to the equipment shape and placement method: cylindric ball mill, attritor ball mill, and conical ball mill;
According to the grinding medium and lining: ball grinding mill, rod mill, semi-autogenous mill, and autogenous mill;
According to the production mode: dry ball mill, wet ball mill, batch ball mill, and continuous ball mill.
Except for the ball mills above, we also offer air swept ball mill, vibration ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, high-efficiency ball mill, and other professional ball grinding mills.

If you want to learn more about our equipment or directly get the quotation, please feel free to send an inquiry!


With more than 20 years of experience in ball mill manufacturing, AGICO ball mill grinders are designed for low energy consumption, high efficiency, long life, and minimum maintenance.

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Advanced Structure

Combined with advanced technologies, we improve the ball mill structure to solve the problem of high energy consumption, making it features low energy consumption, high operating efficiency, and compact structure.

The use of hydraulic bearing brings the ball mill a large bearing capacity, small starting force, and high motion rate.
The shaft adopts steel casting, and the cylinder is inlaid with wear-resistant lining plates.
The lining plate adopts detachable stepped lining plates or corrugated lining plates.

Competitive Price

AGICO ball mill embodies its price advantage from two aspects:

We are located in the Central Plains, where transportation is developed in China, with convenient transportation and low freight; The resources are abundant, and the material price is relatively low; The population is dense and the productivity is strong.
AGICO merges production and sale into a single. We offer a one-stop service that includes consulting, ordering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and finally after-sales service. All of these services are guided and explained on a one-to-one basis.


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