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Feeding Size: ≤25 mm
Capacity: 1.4-16 t/h
Weight: 11.2-81 t
Specification: Φ1.2×2.4-Φ2.9×4.7 m
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What is a coal ball mill? The coal ball mill, also known as a coal grinding machine, is a kind of ball mill grinder for pulverizing coal into coal powder. It has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection and is an ideal grinding equipment for industrial furnaces.

The coal ball mill is mainly composed of a feeding device, main bearing, rotating part, transmission device, and lubrication system. It is widely used in the cement industry, thermal power generation, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, and other fields. More than 85% of pulverized coal can pass through the 200-mesh screen, and the moisture is less than 2%.

AGICO is a professional ball mill manufacturer. We offer various specifications of coal ball mills for customers to choose from. The diameter of the cylinder is between Φ1200×2400-Φ2900×4700 (mm). The motor power is 45-570KW, which can meet the coal powder production of 1.4-16 t/h. The ball mill produced by AGICO adopts advanced technology, so it has more reliable performance and certain advantages in structure, operation, use, etc.


The coal grinding ball mill mainly consists of the feeding part, main bearing, cylinder, transmission part, discharging part, foundation, main motor, hydraulic coupler, transmission device, jacking device, lubrication device, and electronic control.

Cylinder: Cylinder is the main component of the ball mill, consisting of end caps at both ends and a body shell in the middle. In order to prevent excessive wear, the interior of the cylinder is equipped with lining plates fixed by bolts.

Main Bearing: We use hybrid sliding bearings. It has both dynamic pressure lubrication and static pressure lifting effects, and can supply high-pressure oil to the bearings before the mill starts and when it stops grinding.

Transmission Part: The transmission part includes large gears, pinions, gear covers, and other components. They are made of alloy steel and adopt straight tooth transmission, which is adjusted easily, works smoothly, and has a long life.

Jacking Device: The jacking device consists of a manual screw jack and a bracket. During the maintenance, install the jacking device under the cylinder to jack up the ball mill to facilitate inspection and maintenance.

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The grinding media is filled in the grinding chamber and plays a key role in the pulverizing process. The coal ball mill produced by AGICO can load grinding media of various materials and shapes, such as:
Steel ball: it can be divided into high chromium, medium chromium, and low chromium steel balls.
Steel rod: it is used for grinding fine-grained materials.

ceramic ball

Ceramic Ball

steel ball

Steel Ball

steel section

Steel Section

steel rod

Steel Rod


The hollow shaft with a thicker diameter can improve the working efficiency of the bearing and extend its service life.
The coal ball mill adopts a high-quality reducer, which has a strong load-bearing capacity and can work continuously with high loads.
Our ball mill uses a new material lining plate, which has good wear resistance, extends service life, and reduces the replacements and operating costs.
AGICO coal grinding ball mill has a simple process and extremely low maintenance costs. It adopts an automatic control system to ensure smooth start-up and transmission.
The main bearing bush of the coal grinding ball mill is lubricated by a hydraulic oil station, which extends the service life of the alloy bush and saves 90% of lubricating oil.
Our equipment has a large processing capacity and can achieve 24-hour continuous operation. In addition, it operates under negative pressure, has little dust pollution and a low failure rate.
AGICO ball mill is significantly better than the traditional ball mill in grinding materials. Not only does it have high output, but the quality of the finished powder is also high, which is beneficial to the subsequent process.
There is a soft connection between the reducer and the pinion, which is easy to balance, has strong adaptability to the environment, does not require lubrication, and has good performance in compensating for the relative displacement of the two axes.


Specification(mm)Grinding Media(t)Rotation Speed(r/min)Capacity(t/h)MotorDimension(length×width×height)Weight(t)
Coal Ball Mill Specification


AGICO not only sells high-quality coal ball mills with different capacities but also aims to help customers improve production efficiency, increase revenue, and reduce risk. We provide customers with one-stop services including pre-sales consultation, equipment customization, transportation and installation, commissioning, operation training, and after-sales maintenance.

Our Services

Fully understand customer needs and recommend equipment based on actual conditions.
Design the production plan and process layout, and then obtain customer confirmation.
Arrange production and ensure equipment is completed on time with quality and quantity.
Pack carefully and deliver the equipment to customers on time, accurately, and safely.
Install, debug, and run equipment with a professional team to complete customer acceptance.
Accessories provided, technical support, equipment upgrades, and 24-hour remote service.


When users purchase the coal ball mill, they will not only care about its quality and performance but also the price. Compared with other manufacturers, our company has lower price positioning for coal ball mill, mainly due to the following reasons:


The price of raw materials is low, so our coal ball mills have fair prices, which are highly competitive.


The coal ball mill is a self-produced and self-sold equipment of our company. It enjoys an ex-factory price.


AGICO has always adopted the model of small profit but quick turnover and the expected profit is low.

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